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Indian Colors - Rugs, Cushions, Poufs made in Panipat, Haryana, in India
Indian Colors

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The Company
Indian Colors is a brand of HM Home Furnishings Pvt. Ltd., a company that indigenously manufactures everything from curtains to cushion covers to bed sheets; an assortment of items that would turn a house into the ideal home. We, at Indian Colors, manufacture all kinds of rugs and floor furnishings and export them all over the world. Our designs are one-of-a-kind and we provide the lowest price guarantee for our products which are of the highest quality.

We uphold the supreme ethical values in production. Our goods are 100% handmade by craftsmen who have had years of experience in this industry. Their working conditions are in line with all the labor regulations prescribed under Indian Law. Further, our products are colored using vegetable and other natural dyeing elements. We are not dogmatic in our approach. We are open to custom-making rugs to suit our clients' requirements. We also deliver to our clients globally; there is no country, state, city or locality where Indian Colors does not reach.

So go ahead, go through the website and "Accessorize Your Floor".
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