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Indian Colors - Assorted collectionaa
Indian Colors

Assorted collectionaa

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The Assorted Collection from Indian Colors is a result of some exclusive and original designs. These rugs define the skill and innovative ability of our artists which is rare to find tag heuer link replica elsewhere.

This collection features some great works like the Acupressure Rug which along with its charm offers benefit to your well being. This design is made to keep you stay healthy as the pressure points on your feet are pressed as you walk on it. (See diagram for details)

The Fleeze rug offers a great luxurious design at a minimum price. Not coincidently the cheapest product available with us, this is especially created to keep luxury in common reach.

The Pom-Pom rug mainly is the first pick to put up in your kids’ room. This tender fluffed rug offers the right kind of support required for those little feet.

The Hylo Rug is has foam stuffed in the inside that is best omega replica watches suited for the old age as it is very comfortable and relaxing to walk on.

The entire Assorted Collection is full of such original designs namely the braided mats, cord rugs, cotton cord rugs, cotton loop, linen loop, cotton plain weave, loop rug, paddle weave, paddle rug, rayon cut-shuttle and tufted carpets. This unique collection definitely has something to offer for everyone.

Acupressure Rug
Braided Mat
Cotton Cord
Cotton Loop
Cotton Plain Weave
Fleeze Rug
Hylo Rug
Linen Loop
Loop Rug
Paddle Rug
Paddle Weave
Pom Pom
Rayon Cutshuttle
Rayon Paddle Rug
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