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About Indian Colors
We at Indian Colors are resolute to provide superior quality at optimum prices as we control the entire rug manufacture process from spinning of the fabric to packaging of the rug to final delivery. We make high quality rugs available to retail customers at factory prices, reducing the high street prices directly by almost 65%.

Our manufacturing process is governed by international standards at our state of the art units located at Panipat in Haryana, 90 kilometers from the Indian Capital of New Delhi. Our quality check procedure ensures that we make our customers happy across the world.

To give you a better insight to how your rug is delivered from our FACTORY TO YOUR FLOOR, here is a detailed description of our manufacturing and delivery process:
Step 1: Spinning of the Yarn
Spinning is the process of transforming the fabric by twisting the fibers together to form a yarn. This process is done through open hand spinning machines by which the yarn is converted into threads and these threads are then sent for dyeing.
Step 2: Dyeing with Colors
After the yarn is prepared, it is then sent for dyeing. This can be done in two ways:
  1. Using vegetable dye
  2. Using chemical dye
The choice of dye and colors is made on the basis of requirement of that particular rug.

Step 3: Preparing the Loom and Warp
After the process of dyeing and drying of yarn is done, the loom is prepared from wood. This loom is used to warp the yarn into the desired size and design. This is done by our highly experienced and specialized workers.

ARS Color System
Step 4: Cutting the rug from the loom and cutting uniformly from the pile
The rug so manufactured is then separated from the loom and the pile is trimmed uniformly into a homogeneous length.
Step 5: Clipping the Rug
This process is crucial as this is where the finishing touches are added to the rug. Clipping includes removing all the unwanted threads with precision uniformly using special scissors. After this step the final product is ready for packaging and delivery.
Step 6: Packaging and Delivery
The final product is then packaged into special packages after being carefully examined and approved by our special team of quality control experts. After any errors in designs and sizes are rectified, the product is packaged into specially designed boxes to reduce the chances of any damage that might be caused to the product during transit. The packaged product is now ready for delivery. We have taken the service of UPS JETAIR EXPRESS LTD. to ensure timely and accurate delivery at your doorstep.

We have a team of dedicated and especially trained workers at every step of the manufacturing process mentioned above, who ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.
Indian Colors has filed its application for registration under the Trade and Merchandise Act and Rules at Delhi under different classes and is awaiting registration. For any other information contact us at
Head Office
Plot No. 50 B
Sector – 25
Part II, Huda
Panipat – 132103
Haryana, India
Or call us on: +91 9881000066
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